How do I ship samples between campuses?

If you are on the Evanston Campus, you can bring the samples to our facility in Silverman Hall, Room B550. Our Chicago campus facility is located in Olson Pavilion (across Fairbanks from Lurie) on the 8th floor, Room 8303/8305/8307.

If you need to ship samples between campuses, please use the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Courier Service for the transport between campuses. As courier service does not deliver to the core laboratory directly, please notify us by email when you ship the sample. In return, we will collect the samples and notify you. If you do not notify us we will not be responsible for loss of any samples.

The approximate schedule of the courier service is as follows:

9:30 am Evanston Silverman Hall 4704

11:00 am Chicago Olson 8524

1:00 pm Evanston Silverman Hall 4704 (Drop off only)

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