P01 Integrating Mechanistic Insights from Diverse Models to Prevent CMV Reactivation Following Transplantation

Michael Abecassis, Northwestern University
Mary Hummel, Northwestern University
Xunrong Luo, Northwestern University
Zheng (Jenny) Zhang, Northwestern University
Kristy Wolniak, Northwestern University
Neil Kelleher, Northwestern University

Reactivation of latent Cytomegalovirus (CMV) remains an important clinical problem following transplantation with two recent developments forming the basis for this proposal: first, a central mechanistic theme has emerged from in vitro and in vivo studies of HCMV and MCMV respectively; and second, the current paradigm of transplantation is shifting towards donor-specific tolerance. Together, these developments call for integration of molecular mechanistic insights from diverse models and reactivation, and an exploration of uncharted waters regarding how CMV might behave in tolerant recipients. Three separate but inter-related projects, and three supporting cores in a collaborative research initiative designed to accelerate the development of potential therapeutic strategies to prevent, rather than treat CMV reactivation.

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