Epiproteomic Histone Modification Panel A

Epiproteomic Histone Modification Panel A

The Epiproteomic Histone Modification Panel (EHMP) provides rapid, low-cost profiling of histone modification states within a sample.  While not providing the depth and localization of ChIPSeq analysis, the EHMP allows researchers to generate hypotheses for future study.  At present, these 20 modification states are assayed.  (More will be added in the near future).

Sample requirements for histone assay:

1.) Cells Requirement: 1 - 5million

2.) Tissue Requirements: 25 - 100mg


H3K4me1 H3K9me2 H3K27me1 H3K36me2 H3K79me3
H3K4me2 H3K9me3 H3K27me2 H3K36me3 H4K20me1
H3K4me3 H3K9Ac H3K27me3 H3K79me1 H4K20me2
H3K9me1 H3K14ac H3K36me1 H3K79me2 H4K20me3

*ac=Acetylated, me=Methylated, ub=Ubiquitylated, number refers to the degree of modification. H3K9me3 indicated the trimethylation of lysine 9 of H3. Unmodified peptides are also included.

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