Joshua Levitsky

Associate Professor in Medicine-Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Surgery-Organ Transplantation

The Comprehensive Transplant Center is actively building a research infrastructure around four pillars – Immune Tolerance, Biomarker Discovery, Outcomes Research, and Engineered Tissues. 

Selected Publications

  • Chhabra D, Alvarado A, Dalal P, Leventhal J, Wang C, Sustento-Reodica N, Najafian N, Skaro A, Levitsky J, Mas V, Gallon L "Impact of calcineurin-inhibitor conversion to mTOR inhibitor on renal allograft function in a prednisone-free regimen." Am J Transplant, 2013, 13(11) p. 2902-11.
    Summary | Full Text (DOI)

  • Parikh ND, Levitsky J "Hepatotoxicity and drug interactions in liver transplant candidates and recipients." Clin Liver Dis, 2013, 17(4) p. 737-47, x-xi.
    Summary | Full Text (DOI)

  • Levitsky J, Miller J, Huang X, Chandrasekaran D, Chen L, Mathew JM "Inhibitory effects of belatacept on allospecific regulatory T-cell generation in humans." Transplantation, 2013, 96(8) p. 689-96.
    Summary | Full Text (PMC) | Full Text (DOI)


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Joshua Levitsky