Michael Jewett

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Our research aims to engineer biological systems for compelling applications in medicine and biotechnology. We focus on cell-free systems, with particular emphasis on protein synthesis and metabolism. Engineering cell-free systems both tests our understanding of how life works and generates useful, cost-effective factories for manufacturing human therapeutics and valuable biochemicals that are difficult to make in vivo. Our approach is to integrate fundamental research and engineering design principles with technology development.

Selected Publications

  • Hong SH, Ntai I, Haimovich AD, Kelleher NL, Isaacs FJ, Jewett MC "Cell-free protein synthesis from a release factor 1 deficient Escherichia coli activates efficient and multiple site-specific nonstandard amino acid incorporation." ACS Synth Biol, 2014, 3(6) p. 398-409.
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  • Jewett MC, Calhoun KA, Voloshin A, Wuu JJ, Swartz JR "An integrated cell-free metabolic platform for protein production and synthetic biology." Mol Syst Biol, 2008, 4() p. 220.
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  • Office: Silverman Hall 3621


  • Telephone: 847-467-5007
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Michael Jewett