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Featured Collaborator

  • Michael M. Abecassis

    Michael M. Abecassis

    Director, Comprehensive Transplant Center
    Chief, Division of Surgery-Organ Transplantation
    Professor in Surgery-Organ Transplantation and Microbiology-Immunology

Featured Service

  • Untargeted Quantitative Peptide Proteomics

    Untargeted Quantitative Peptide Proteomics

    Quantitation requires a consultation to help design the experiment. Depending on the problem, we can use a variety of methods to perform the analysis.
    • Metabolic Label: SILAC
    • Isobaric Label: iTraq/TMT
    • Label-Free Peptide Quantitation


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@jjjotto ProSight Lite (freeware) allows you to generate these fragment maps and export as either raster (PNG) or vector (SVG).