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The experts of Northwestern Proteomics are also members of the Kelleher Research Group. Projects focus on five major areas of research: top-down proteomics, histones and cell biology, informatics, native proteomics, and natural products discovery.

Below is a list of top 10 publications by Neil Kelleher, PhD.

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Ntai, I., Fornelli, L., DeHart, C.J., Hutton, J.E., Doubleday, P.F., LeDuc, R.D., van Nispen, A.J., Fellers, R.T., Whiteley, G., Boja, E.S., Rodriguez, H., Kelleher, N.L.Precise characterization of KRAS4b proteoforms in human colorectal cells and tumors reveals mutation/modification cross-talk”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2018, 115, 4140-4145. 

Kafader, J.O., Melani, R.D., Durbin, K.R., Ikwuagwu, B., Early, B.P., Fellers, R.T., Beu, S.C., Zabrouskov, V., Makarov, A.A., Maze, J.T., Shinholt, D.L., Yip, P.F., Tullman-Ercek, D., Senko, M.W., Compton, P.D., Kelleher, N.L.Multiplexed mass spectrometry of individual ions improves measurement of proteoforms and their complexes’, Nat Methods, 2020, 17, 391-394.

Smith, L.M., Kelleher, N.L.Proteoforms as the next proteomics currency”, Science, 2018, 359, 1106-1107.

Meng, F., Cargile, B.J., Miller, L.M., Johnson, J.R., Kelleher, N.L.Informatics and Multiplexing of Intact Protein Identification in Bacteria and the Archaea”, Nat. Biotechnol., 2001, 19, 952-956.

Tran, J.C., Zamdborg, L., Ahlf, D.R., Lee, J.E., Catherman, A.D., Durbin, K.R., Tipton, J.D., Vellaichamy A., Kellie, J.F., Li M., Wu, C., Sweet, S.M., Early, B.P., Siuti, N., Leduc, R.D., Compton, P.D., Thomas, P.M., Kelleher, N.L.  “ Mapping Intact Protein Isoforms in Discovery Mode Using Top-Down Proteomics”, Nature, 2011, 480, 254-258.

Smith, L.M., Kelleher, N.L., and the Consortium for Top Down Proteomics  “Proteoform: A Single Term Describing Protein Complexity”, Nat. Methods, 2013, 10(3), 186-187.

Kelleher, N.L.  “ A Cell-Based Approach to the Human Proteome Project”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 2012, 23, 1617-1624.

Belov, M.E., Damoc, E., Denisov, E., Compton, P.D., Horning, S., Makarov, A.A., Kelleher, N.L.From Protein Complexes to Subunit Backbone Fragments: A Multi-stage Approach to Native Mass Spectrometry”, Anal. Chem., 2013, 85, 11163-11173.  

LeDuc, R.D., Fellers, R.T., Early, B.P., Greer, J.B., Shams, D.P., Thomas, P., Kelleher, N.L.Accurate Estimation of Context-Dependent False Discovery Rates in Top-Down Proteomics”, Mol Cell Proteomics, 2019, 18, 796-805.

Skinner, O.S., Haverland, N.A., Fornelli, L., Melani, R.D., Do Vale, L.H.F., Seckler, H.S., Doubleday, P.F., Schachner, L.F., Srzentić, K., Kelleher, N.L., Compton, P.D., “ Top-down characterization of endogenous protein complexes with native proteomics.Nat. Chem. Biol., 2017, 14, 36-41.