National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics

Northwestern Proteomics is home to the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics (NRTDP) made possible under a $7 million renewable grant in 2015 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health and supported by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

The mission of the Resource is to develop new proteomics technologies; apply them to timely questions in basic, translational, and clinical research, and communicate our research findings to the scientific community at large.

The Resource is dedicated to accelerating a significant shift in how protein molecules are analyzed by mass spectrometry, with a focus on intact protein measurements propelling a variety of national interests in technology development, systems biology, and clinical/translational proteomics. Many of our driving biomedical projects originate from clinical and basic research programs that utilize both targeted and untargeted analyses. Beyond the development of new technology, this Biomedical Technology Research Resource (BTRR) is committed to effective training and dissemination of proteomics methods to diverse laboratories and scientists. Much of this is achieved through the Scholar Exchange Program, standardized protocols and interactions through Satellite Centers.

Driving Biomedical Projects
Collaboration/service projects
Technology Research and Development Projects

Meet some of our faculty collaborators

Brain Tumors

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Neurological SurgeryLavin/Fates Professor of Neurological Surgery


Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell-free Systems

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Organ Rejection

Professor in Medicine-Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Surgery-Organ Transplantation

Methane Oxidation

Weinberg Family Distinguished Professor of Life Sciences

Cardiovascular Disease

Associate Professor in Medicine-Cardiology/Preventive Medicine