Northwestern Proteomics, a Chemistry of Life Processes Institute-affiliated center, together with an interdisciplinary team of Northwestern mathematicians, experimentalists, biomedical engineers, and biochemists, recently published two academic papers announcing a new, game-changing technique for characterizing and identifying proteins with extreme precision.

For the first time, using the commercially available Orbitrap mass analyzer system, researchers successfully integrated two mass spectrometry (MS) approaches: native or top-down MS and, an even more pioneering technique, individual ion mass spectrometry (I2MS), both pioneered by the Kelleher Research Group. The powerful and new approach, two-and-a half years in the making, will help illuminate complex questions within fundamental biology and transform understanding of disease and infection and to accelerate the design of new therapies.

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Original story by Lisa La Vallee posted on March 2, 2020 by Chemistry of Life Processes Institute.