Developmental Core Services

Northwestern Proteomics also develops new service lines with support for the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Support Grant (P30CA060553). While these services often are not available for rapid turnaround, the interaction with the team is quite high. For even more complex analyses, please submit a collaboration request below.

Note: Prices listed here are estimates for budgetary purposes only, in most cases, prices are reduced when samples are submitted in bulk. To see approved pricing, click here. For more a more accurate quotation, please submit a collaboration request (at the bottom of this page) or contact Northwestern Proteomics at

Work performed in the proteomics core should be acknowledged as shown below:

“Proteomics services were performed by the Northwestern Proteomics Core Facility, generously supported by NCI CCSG P30 CA060553 awarded to the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, instrumentation award (S10OD025194) from NIH Office of Director, and the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics supported by P41 GM108569”

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